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 Dave Suvael

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PostSubject: Dave Suvael   Dave Suvael EmptySun Jul 24, 2011 1:15 am

Character Name:Dave Suvael



Description (hair color, eye color, height, ect. Be discriptive): Jet black Medium legnth hair. black eyes that change blue when MAD, 5'7 And Huge build like a linebacker.

God parent:Zeus

Mortal parent:Catherin Suvael

Powers (must have limits):Can bend the air to his will. (8 Times in battle. 5 times when he is trying to fly.) When he does it all he can he is completly drained.

Flaws (At least three):Over protective. Despises Hades Children with some exceptions. And Too confident in his friends

Pets:A Falcon that is very protective.

Weapon (Must be Celestial Bronze or Stygian Iron for Hades and Thanatos):CB Dual swords on his back.

Talents or skills:Sword fighting. Singing and acting (Odd right)

Roleplay example (at least 4 sentences):I Jump pulling both swords off my back. "Ha send The beast in tartarus my regards." I say as i slice the head off the monster. I sheath my sword and walk out as if nothing had happened.

Biography(at least 4 sentences):Dave was an artist! he liked to sing and every thing. He always was facinated with mythology Greek his favourite of coarse. Also he never liked going to school he hated every person in there.

Anything else:Is Amazing.... hehe
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Anna Sun

Anna Sun

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PostSubject: Re: Dave Suvael   Dave Suvael EmptySun Jul 24, 2011 10:14 pm


Frank Iero-Kronos-16
Caffeine Climax-Mania-15 3/4
Hikari Sato-Melinoe-12
Rinne Sato-Demeter-16
Kyou-The Sato's cat
Destery Violet Worthens-Morpheus-16
Marianna Naranja Tepucul-Hera-5, but looks twenty.
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Dave Suvael
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