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 My 1st Charrie

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My 1st Charrie Empty
PostSubject: My 1st Charrie   My 1st Charrie EmptySat Mar 24, 2012 10:04 pm

Character Name: Candace Martin
Age: 10
Description (hair color, eye color, height, ect. Be descriptive): She has red hair that is shoulder length with bangs. Her eyes are dark green with blue in the middle. She is about 4 feet 5 inches, and is slender. Cancace has a scar from the top of her eye to about midway down her face.
God parent:Unclaimed.
Mortal parent: Marcy Martin
Powers (must have limits):N/A
Flaws (At least three):Likes to annoy people, hard to get along with. untrusting, Afraid of dogs
Pets:A falcon named Fred
Weapon (Must be Celestial Bronze or Stygian Iron for Hades and Thanatos):CB sword and shield(Shield changes into a watch)
Talents or skills: Can Make stuff out of almost anything
Roleplay example (at least 4 sentences): I run through the dark and cold woods. I stop, panting, and look behind me. I hope that creature is gone, I think. Then I hear a low, menacing growl coming from behind me. "AHHH!!" I scream as the dog-like creature advances.
Biography(at least 4 sentences): Candace lived with her mother and step-brother in Pennsylvania. She attended Harrisburg Public Schools and didn't do very well (Due to her ADHD and Dyslexia.) She was lonely and teased a lot. Her best friend, a saytar, ended up trying to take her to Camp, but is killed by a hellhound on the journey.
Anything else: Had a traumatic experience with a dog when she was 5.
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Anna Sun

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My 1st Charrie Empty
PostSubject: Re: My 1st Charrie   My 1st Charrie EmptySat Mar 24, 2012 10:37 pm


Frank Iero-Kronos-16
Caffeine Climax-Mania-15 3/4
Hikari Sato-Melinoe-12
Rinne Sato-Demeter-16
Kyou-The Sato's cat
Destery Violet Worthens-Morpheus-16
Marianna Naranja Tepucul-Hera-5, but looks twenty.
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My 1st Charrie
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