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 Would this count as a game? I don't care I'm bored.

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Anna Sun

Anna Sun

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PostSubject: Would this count as a game? I don't care I'm bored.   Sun Jul 24, 2011 11:31 am

OKAY GUYS IT IS 8:25-6-7-8-9 WHATEVER IN THE MORNING AND I HAD A NIGHTMARE. SCARED THE SH** OUT OF ME! So, since I'm bored, what was your most recent nightmare? Here's mine:

Okay so I got off the computer and went to bed and I got a text that was like from a homicidal ghost and I ignored it but I didn't delete it. So I go to bed and once everyone's asleep except for me, the ghost walks in through the window with a knife. I start screaming like crazy and the ghost turned around and i pretended to be asleep and I deleted the text. Then I turned into Frank was going to meet up with Gerard to talk about the ghost ((I am not making this part up)) then I woke up at 7 in the freaking morning and it was all bright and weird, I was freaked out.
So yeah.
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Black Cat
Black Cat

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PostSubject: Re: Would this count as a game? I don't care I'm bored.   Sun Jul 24, 2011 12:19 pm

This would belong in Out Of Character Talk, so I'll move it.

Anyways, that was just lovely, Cal.
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PostSubject: Re: Would this count as a game? I don't care I'm bored.   Mon Sep 05, 2011 9:45 am

i once had a nightmare,

I was standing next to a padded room, and someone pushed me inside, suddenly it turned into a realllly big version of my porch out in the front of my house, and my entire grade at school was there, i walked out on to he porch to say hi, and suddenly a bio-mechanical android woman comes up and inspects me, and then pulls a extremely sharp looking carrot out of her pocked and stabs me to death with it , and everytime i went out on the porch (which for some reason i did like 50 times) she would move towards me at the speed of light, and stab me with the carrot. I almost killed her with one of my friend's nerf guns who was for some reason teleported next to me, and said that the gun was rigged to shoot like a rocket launcher, but she was always quicker than me, and i kept dieing, the closest i ever got to killing her was when i dug a tunnel underneath her.

I guess it was from watching blade runner too many times that week
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Shan the Otter

Shan the Otter

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PostSubject: Re: Would this count as a game? I don't care I'm bored.   Wed Mar 21, 2012 6:58 am

My nightmare sucked. I'll tell you my creepiest and scariest.

I was walking along a street at night with my friend. When a car pulled up behind us somewhere. We looked back and it was ages away. But I wouldn't move. My friend kept calling me but I couldn't even look at her. A man got out and just stood there for the longest time whilst this happened. He started walking and finally, I could run. So I did. But it was like I was running on the spot. And then he caught me. And then it changed because he caught me. I kicked at him and escaped. Up until now, it had been the night. But then it was suddenly daytime and the man was a lot older and thinner. He had creepy glasses. He was running after me and I thought I lost him. Until another car drove up and I was dragged in my the old man. I was taken to a barn and there was a doorway in the middle of it. He wanted me to go through it. I wouldn't. So he killed my little brother. I still wouldn't go through and then the police arrived, making the old man go away. They started to run a CSI on the barn to figure out who killed my brother. The door was there the whole time. And no one else could see it. When my dream ended, I was just through the doorway of it because I wanted my brother back.

And that's how I savde Christmas! ♥ Lawl.

Shan, daughter of Poseidon. 16 years old. See user image. Hydrokinetic, can talk to marine life, walks on water and stays dry when submerged. Twin daggers "Wave" and "Tide."
Piper McLean, daughter of Aphrodite. 16 years old. See below spoiler. Charm speaker, tom-boyish and pretty. Knife Katoptris.
Rebecca "Rebel" Dragovitch, daughter of Somnus. Aged 17 or 18. It's kinda unknown. CIA Opperative. She can make you feel sleepy. Roman demigod in the Fourth Cohort.
Ichabod Emmerson Peveil. 17 years old. Born 124 years ago. Stayed in the Lotus Hotel. Sword and knife (CB). Son of Aphrodite. Can make someone fall in love with him. Can be broken if they are in love with someone else.

Piper McLean:
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PostSubject: Re: Would this count as a game? I don't care I'm bored.   

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Would this count as a game? I don't care I'm bored.
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