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 Rebecca "Rebel" Dragovitch, daughter of Somnus

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Rebecca "Rebel" Dragovitch, daughter of Somnus Empty
PostSubject: Rebecca "Rebel" Dragovitch, daughter of Somnus   Rebecca "Rebel" Dragovitch, daughter of Somnus EmptySun Apr 01, 2012 7:12 pm

~Rebecca "Rebel" Dragovitch~
Rebecca "Rebel" Dragovitch, daughter of Somnus Willa2
"'Cause I'm just a little girl you see/
But there's a hell of a lot more to me/
Don't ever under-estimate what I can do/
Don't ever tell me how I'm meant to be."
~ Amy Studt, "Just A Little Girl"



17/18 (unknown- check bio)

Physical Description
Rebel may be around the age of 17/18 but she definately looks 17 years old. Her eye colour is actually hazel but she often wears coloured contact lenses. Her natural hair colour is copper coloured hair which is long and usually worn in a chingong when she's relaxing and breaking cover. Her weight is 7 stone (considerably light) and her height is 5 foot 6 inches. Her build is tall, slim and strong/toned. Her skin tone is fair and it sun burns easily if she isn't careful. Her face is heart-shaped and she has a small scar to the left of her top lip. Her eyes are her predominant feature. She looks healthy if you ignore how fair her skin is and because of her lifestyle is actually very healthy.
Personality Description
Rebel is a cautious person most of the time but she isn't afraid to take risks every now and then. When alone, she'll be in between on-guard and relaxed. She acts completely on guard when people are around, clinging to her "legend" (see bio). She has a habit of watching people too long. Rebel's greatest strength is her ability to blend in and her greatest weakness is her disassociation with others socially. She has a soft spot for guys with muscular arms and/or intelligence. Her soft spot becomes especially obvious when she's alone with a guy because she tends to blush, stutter and become suddenly clumsy. Her biggest vunerability is when someone she loves is in trouble and she's helpless to hurt them. Torture her all you like and she won't crack. But let her see or hear someone she loves or even remotely likes getting hurt, she'll spill like an overturned glass.
To describe herself, Rebel would use the word invisable. She would say that her physical appearance doesn't matter but that may be just because she can change it extremely quickly, in her opinion any way, a pointed nose. Personality wise, she would say she takes on a different personality per "legend." She is ambitious but not too ambitious because she doesn't know what she wants overall. She considers her face her best physical characteristic because it is forgettable. Worst would be her arms because she thinks they are too long and calls them a term that your doctor would use: being a "racehorse." She has a realistic assesment of her face but her arms are normal. She thinks that others perceive her as a lost cause or plain shy. She would change her childhood, her social awkwardness, her arms and her level of clearance within the CIA because she wishes she had her mother and therefore someone to go to when she needed help, her arms because she dislikes them, and higher clearance becasue she'd like nicer and cooler gadgets. But she knows that if these were changed, she would not be the same person. Changing her childhood for instance, would have stopped her from having the opportunities that she did. She would be happier though. Her interaction with others is often suspicion of people around her unless she trusts them completely. She can be very friendly towards others but she puts herself out of the way from them. As for how she relates to others, she can understand others quite well and therefore can percieve what they are thinking and interpret it. Strangers perceive her as a shy and ordinary looking girl who isn't very interesting nor is she special. The odd person will see her as pretty though.

God Parent and Mortal Parent
Somnus, Roman god of sleep... and all around good guy who has no idea his daughter exists (in a manner of speaking). He met an incredibly nice woman in the middle of a gun fight between to agencies called Agent Molly Morgan-Dragovitch, daughter of an MI6 agent and a CIA agent, in the country of Germany. Molly lived in Berlin at the time and had been married to a man called Frank Dragovitch. When Dragovitch died, he left a spirited wife who had a taste for... shall we call it action? Or just plain ludicricy? Whatever. The basics are that Molly was an agent of the FBI. However, since Molly was found dead and DNA testing proved that Rebecca was in fact her daughter, no one knows how old she is.

She once had a bordercolie named Underdog. And a mixed breed black and white cat called Salem. But they were taken away...

Talents and Skills
She can speak fifteen langauges including English, Spanish, Porteugese, Italian, Japanese, Thai, Mandarin, Welsh, Irish, French, German, Arabic, Cantonese, Russian and Norweigan. She has a high IQ (despite her flaws- go look in a second). She can shoot guns, crossbows and has a good aim. She can use knives effectively. She can sing and play piano, flute and guitar. She's great at blending in. She can get changed [i]really[i] quickly. She is a martial artist and is very athletic. She is a convincing liar.

She is social awkwardly. Useless with the opposite Monopoly. She is claustrophobic and hates seeing/touching/smelling dead things. She dislikes killing people/animals. She's a little clumsy when not in her "Bond" mode. She's a compulsive liar.

Rebel can have the effect of making you feel sleepy. This doesn't always work and everytime Rebel tries it, she herself gets very tired, often to the point of collapsing. She can do this five times a day in a five metre radius. She can sometimes direct the blast in a certain directon instead of the radius. This can reach ten metres. (Intended for people like guards at doors and stuff.)

After finding out that Camp Jupiter does not permit guns, she opted for Imperial Gold wapons, including mainly shurikens and a crossbow. She keeps Black Iron daggers concealed on her person. She has a mini IG knife concealed in her pewter bracelet. She will use IG knives when on a mission/whenever she feels like it. A non-physical weapon she has would be the presumption that she spends most of her time asleep because of her father.

Live Before Camp Jupiter
Rebecca was found without her mother at a young age somewhere in Canada. Since Molly had beem MIA for five years previously, the CIA picked her up, looking after her. Because of Molly's MIA status, Rebecca's age is undetermined. She bascally had no childhood. Even around the age of five, kindergarten consisted of fingerpainting schematics and disarming play-dough bombs. They made the hard side of being a spy easy at that age. From the age of six/seven, Rebecca began to learn fifteen langauges. By that age, she was already fluent in English, a mathematical genius and she was already studying middle school sciences. She was entered into the "Kid Operative" scheme one summer when she was around the age of ten or eleven years. She was sent to a summer camp where she learnt to be, you guessed it, a spy. She learnt bomb disposal, how to control a satelite and a few life lessons among many other things. Rebecca's rebelious nature earned her the code name Rebel which she used more than her real name. Rebel was selected at the age of thirteen for a mission. It wasn't very big. All she had to do was befriend this girl in Seattle who turned out to be a complete genius herself. She was given the objective to get into the labratory beneath the house that the girl lived in which was owned by her genius father. Rebel was invited to a birthday party and was caught by the OPPOSITION when she used her martial art skills to teach a pair of guys the problem with throwing people in the pool at someone elses party. When she could, Rebel infiltrated the lab and barely escaped. After that mission, she was accepted into a higher course of spy training. She was sent into a school called Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women at the age of fourteen as a freshman. In the middle of her second year at Gallagher, Rebel received a mission in the middle of the semester. Rebel was sent to England with the "legend" (a spy's cover) of being a talented- genius even- flute player. In actual fact, Rebel could not play the flute at the time. Although, gradually, she learned whilst using a flute which had a microchip inserted to make it play expertly whenever her fingers were scanned properly onto the keys. Once that mission, with the information classified, was over, she was claimed and actually kidnapped (very hard to do with the young spy) and taken to Camp Jupiter. She sticks to her own legend in order to survive. She calls herself Rebel Dragovitch- which was part of her mother's surname- and claims to be a music scholar at a prestigious academy (she still attends Galligher Academy during term time).

Role Play Example
Rebel was invisable. Or rather, she was hiding in plain site. She wore a pair of jeans and a black sweater. She sat with her leg on the bench, hugging it loosely as her fingers touched the reasurring pewter of her bracelet which concealed her mini knife. The Operative watched lazily as the Subject walked towards her. She didn't allow surprise to pass her expression and kept herself neutral. The Subject sat beside her and she looked up at him. The Operative made mental notes:
SUBJECT has nice hair and arms. SUBJECT seems to like the OPERATIVE. The OPERATIVE stands up and walks away, her face going red.
Rebel didn't look back as she walked away. She was useless with boys. Hard to believe with her mother's genetics in her DNA. Here she was, an agent and she couldn't even talk to a guy?! Why hadn't they trained her in that? Where were the millions now? In the high tech thingymabobbies and whatever else they can dream up to make.
The OPERATIVE uses cuss words in five of her langauges to scold herself.

Her immediate goal is to keep her cover. Her long term goal is to find her mother. She intends to do this by any means necessary. In a crisis, she is level headed and cool about it. She tackles problems head on to find a solution. Her usual problems are possible compremising situations of her "legend." She reacts quickly to new problems, thinking of a plan quickly. She likes change... As you can tell. YES, SHE IS A SPY, in case it wasn't obvious. Smile

Shan, daughter of Poseidon. 16 years old. See user image. Hydrokinetic, can talk to marine life, walks on water and stays dry when submerged. Twin daggers "Wave" and "Tide."
Piper McLean, daughter of Aphrodite. 16 years old. See below spoiler. Charm speaker, tom-boyish and pretty. Knife Katoptris.
Rebecca "Rebel" Dragovitch, daughter of Somnus. Aged 17 or 18. It's kinda unknown. CIA Opperative. She can make you feel sleepy. Roman demigod in the Fourth Cohort.
Ichabod Emmerson Peveil. 17 years old. Born 124 years ago. Stayed in the Lotus Hotel. Sword and knife (CB). Son of Aphrodite. Can make someone fall in love with him. Can be broken if they are in love with someone else.

Piper McLean:

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Rebecca "Rebel" Dragovitch, daughter of Somnus Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rebecca "Rebel" Dragovitch, daughter of Somnus   Rebecca "Rebel" Dragovitch, daughter of Somnus EmptySun Apr 01, 2012 7:15 pm


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Rebecca "Rebel" Dragovitch, daughter of Somnus
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