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PostSubject: Vengeance   Vengeance EmptyMon Apr 02, 2012 2:34 am


Real Name: Dylan Whitlock
Age: 17
Gender: If he's not a boy then something is really wrong with this picture
Eyes: Dark Red
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'11
Body Type: Picture
Skin Color: Caucassion

Norse God Parent: Lucifer
Mortal Parent: Miranda Whitlock(Either MIA or Deceased, Dylan doesn't know)
Step Father: Hector Hurst(Taught Dylan almost everything he knows)
Country of Origin: American
Pets: N/A

Talents: Counterintellegence training, Master of several different martial arts including Tai Chi, Jujitsu, and Takwando(yes I probably spelled this wrong), speaks a multitude os languages
Weapon**: Usually carries a IG sword on his back and some IG daggers(sheathed to his back at the waist), also a bag of throwing knives and shuriken, and an archery set(IG of course), but he is deadly with nearly any weapon
Flaws: Trust issuse, Holds Grudges for too long, Will get Revenge on you unless you can convince him that nothing good will come of it, Too secretive of his past(Oh please any revenge seeking spy would be secretive), and never stays in one place for a long time, so it's hard for people to get close to him.
Powers: None

Life Before CJ*: Dylan has had an...interesting past, to put it midly anyway. His life started when a young, beautiful CIA agent by the name of Miranda Whitlock met the god of the morning Star, Lucifer. They fell in love and had a child by the name of Dylan Whilock, but then Lucifer had to leave and Miranda married a former Black Ops operative named Hector Hurst. Our story into the life of Dylan begins when he was 3 years of age. At this time he showed a bright intellegence and amazingly a precise accuracy when throwing knifes and other weapons of that nature. However at the same time, Miranda was givin a mission that she couldn't turn down and left to complete it right away. Something went wrong during the operation, however, and Miranda hasn't been heard from ever since. Because of this news Hector took it upon himself to teach Dylan anything he would need to know to survive in the cut throat world of counter intellegence and covert operations. At the age of 5, Hector trained Dylan to the peek of his physical stature and kept him on a strict diet so that he wouldn't lathargic and lazy all the time. This lasted till Dylan was 7, and then Hector moved to mental intellegence which lasted for another 5 years before Dylan was ready to meet the standards of the CIA's training regimin. Hector brought Dylan to the CIA and made Dylan demostrate his skills. After a week of demostration, Dylan was intigrated into the program where he met a young girl by the name of Rebel Dragovitch. He felt like they had a bond, because they both had no idea where there mother's were and they had several things in common with each other. That all changed though after each of them got their first missions. Dylan was assigned to locate a disarm a bomb that was going to be detenated in Washington D.C. near the Capitol building. After going through the proper security clearances and screenings, Dylan worked silently from the air ducts and rooftops searching for anything suspicous. When he couldn't find anything he started to lose hope and wondered if the attack was going to happen. Suddenly though something caught his eye and he went to observe it. It was the bomb, strategically placed in the roof above the Library of Congress. He wondered why someone would want to blow up the Library but didn't dwell on the thought. He acted quickly and diffused the bomb with merely 5 seconds to spare. After the success of his mission he was sent to a high into higher training along with Rebel, who had also successfull completed her mission. Dylan was 15 when he was entered into the program. After he and Rebel became closer friends she left for Gallagher and Dylan felt all alone. His mind started getting the idea that Rebel left because she didn't want to have anything to do with him, although he did argue with himself that that wasn't the case. Meanwhile he was sent to the Covert Operations Branch of Westpoint Military college as the youngest spy in his class. He excelled so quickly that by the time he was 16 he was a senior at the school and preparing to be realesed into the world. However a week before graduation he heard about how Rebel had vanished from Gallagher and no one had seen her. He graduated a week later and went out in search of Rebel. After a year of searching he was found by Lupa and then made his way to CJ. He lives there now wondering where Rebel could be.

RP Example*: Dylan awoke to the sound of a loud crash. He sat up and then quickly and quietly got out of bed and got dressed. After a few seconds he was walking out of the barracks with his sword in his hands. Once he stepped out the door he knew something was wrong. He scanned the area, but saw nothing, suddenly his eyes widened and he jumped forward just as an arrow hit the concreate where he was just standing. He turned suddenly and saw a masked figure draw a sword and drop down from the roof of the barracks and charge, Dylan. Dylan smirked though and postioned himself to deflect the blade and flip him over onto the ground. The swords clashed, but instead of him finishing his plan the figure turned the sword so that he wouldn't be disarmed and then started push Dylan back. Blades clashed as the two combatents fought for what felt like hours. Dylan became weary as the battle raged on and soon he made a mistake. The masked figure capitalized on it and disarmed, Dylan. The figure thrust his sword into Dylan's gut, and he knew the battle was over. "Who...who are you?" Dylan coughed out.

The masked figure turned his head slightly and then removed the fabric concealing his face. The person had shaggy, brown hair, that hung just barely below his eyebrows, a rounded jaw line, and smooth skin complection. But the thing that was most distinugishing were the eyes. Dark red, and filled with a lust...a lust for revenge, and ages of experience at his trade. The figure smirked and Dylan's eyes widened. "No, It' can't be...." He said as everything went to black. The last thing he saw before he lost conciousness was the figure. Dylan was himself. Everything went to black, and Dylan woke up, sweat running down his body, and his breathing was hard. "It was just a dream, Dylan.....just a dream...." He said to himself as he climbed out of bed and prepared for the day ahead.

Any notes about your characters: Theme Song: Vengance by Woe Is Me

Nico di Angelo/Hades-14-single
Dylan Chandler/Zeus-16-Dating Shan
Eli Harris/Set-15-Dating Cassie.
John Edan/Hyperion-15-Dating Lilyani
Dylan Whitlock/Lucifer-17-Spy-single
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PostSubject: Re: Vengeance   Vengeance EmptyMon Apr 02, 2012 6:12 pm


Savitri Ivv Rotama, daughter of Milo
Sabarette Mignon Everon, daughter of Artemis

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