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 Rowane/Soundtrack Cyanide

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Rowane/Soundtrack Cyanide Empty
PostSubject: Rowane/Soundtrack Cyanide   Rowane/Soundtrack Cyanide EmptySun Jul 24, 2011 12:32 pm

Rowane/Soundtrack Cyanide 194062721641269294
"Better than this, better than that, better watch out when you get me goin'. Fake, I'm not awake. It's not my fault you can't relate."
--On It by Mindless Self Indulgence.

Character Name:
Rowane Travie/Soundtrack Cyanide



Rowane has medium length rainbow hair. Her skin is very pale. Her eyes are a brownish amber color. She stands at an average height of five feet and four inches. She's slender, but not extremely skinny. Her wardrobe always clashes, so she'll be wearing a band t-shirt, a floral skirt, and combat boots, or maybe a girly shirt, ripped jeans, and sneakers. She kind of tries to not match, just to be different. She almost always has her guitar with her.

God parent:

Mortal parent:
Mark Travie

She can create fire about twenty times a day. If the fire is small, it makes her just barely tired. If it's medium, she has to sit down. If it's large, then she either passes out or has to sit down for five minutes. If she tries to do something wildfire size, then she ends up dying. She can also control fire, like moving it around, about twenty seven times a day. That makes her mildly tired. She's fire proof.

She has a pretty mild case of insomnia (she has some trouble falling asleep and sometimes staying asleep), she makes her own rules instead of following the set ones, and they're usually not the best, she's not always the best at making friends, due to how she dresses and acts. She tends to judge people. She's terrible at running and gets tired easily. She tends to lie a lot/hide her feelings.


A CB sword. She also has a toy light saber that she keeps on her at all times. You never know when a light saber could come in handy.

Guitar, singing, yelling (although most people don't think of it as a talent), writing songs/poetry (they are pretty much the same things, songs just have a tune to them), painting, drawing/sketching, and acting.

RP Example*:
Rowane was sitting on her bed, strumming the tune to The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars. She was singing along softly, grateful for the fact that her dad wasn't home. He was probably at a party or something, as usual. "Come, break me down. Bury me, bury me. I am finished with you. Look in my eyes, you're killing me, killing me. All I wanted was you." she sang. Then, suddenly and unexpectedly, something thumped against the window. Rowane jumped and stopped playing her guitar and singing. She mentally cursed herself for watching so many horror movies as she cautiously stood up and grabbed a small bottle of pepper spray from her dresser, then slowly proceeded to walk over to the window. "One, two...three," she muttered to herself, then took a deep breath and opened the window. "Hey! Rowane!" a familiar voice yelled. "Peter?" Rowane asked, confused. Peter was the new boy at school, and, apparently, he decided that Rowane would be his new best friend or something. "What're you doing here? How'd you find out where I live?" "Well, for your second question, the directory," Peter said, and Rowane could here the smirk in his voice. "As for your first question, I was bored. And lonely." Rowane sighed, then a few seconds later, said, "Fine, I'll go get my shoes. We can go see a movie or something."

Rowane grew up in Memphis, Tennessee with her dad. Her dad usually would go out to parties, what he did at them, Rowane didn't know. She never asked. Rowane and her dad didn't get along that well, mostly because Rowane was annoyed at how he was always out and she never would open up to him. At school, Rowane was the weird kid, who was actually really nice. She sometimes got beat up, but not as much as the main punching bag. One day, a boy named Peter started to go to her school. Instead of going to the welcoming committee, he decided to hang out with Rowane. One day when Rowane was at the park, she got attacked by a monster. Peter saved her and revealed him being a satyr. Her told Rowane about the gods being real and whatnot, then took her to camp.


Savitri Ivv Rotama, daughter of Milo
Sabarette Mignon Everon, daughter of Artemis

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Rowane/Soundtrack Cyanide Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rowane/Soundtrack Cyanide   Rowane/Soundtrack Cyanide EmptySun Jul 24, 2011 5:10 pm


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Rowane/Soundtrack Cyanide
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