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 Mellisa Blanker

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PostSubject: Mellisa Blanker   Mellisa Blanker EmptyThu Apr 05, 2012 1:19 am

Name and all nicknames:Mellisa Blanker her nickname is Melly
Birthday:May 24
Hair color:long brown hair to her shoulders
Eye color:brown
Body type:skinny
God parent:Ares
Mortal parent:Lucy Blanker
Flaws(atleast 3):afraid of water, short term memory, and hard to get to know
Talents and/or skills:Sword fighting
Powers(must be related to godly parent and have limits):none
Weapons:8 throwing knives, 1 spear, bow and arrows, 1 sword, and 4 daggers all CB
Life before camp:Mellisa lived in Katie, OK until she moved. She moved at age 5 to Jackson, Mississippi. She moved alot in early childhood. She moved to NYC, New York at age 6. She didn't move again but wondered why her mom kept leaving where they already lived. So, her mom died on Mellisa's 7th birthday. In a car accident coming home from work. Mellisa was sad and went to a foster home. She then hated it there and ran away. She did this 8 other times at 8 other foster homes. She went to an orphanage then ran away and found a camp. She was happy to find it and didn't turn back. She loved it there and tried to forget her mom but couldn't.
Role play example:I walked in and sighed I looked around. "What should I do?" I asked myself. "I'll go to Thalia's tree, I'm bored anyway," I say then head towards the tree... I run into my cabin and slam the door behind me I prop up on the bed and lay down. I look at the ceiling and sigh. I take a deep breath then close my eyes and fall asleep.
Notes of your character:none

Cassie McPhillips-Apollo-14-Birthday~August 19-Dating Eli
Abby Black-Hades-17-Birthday~March 30
Emmy Wonders-Hermes-16-Birthday~May 28-Sister of Molly Wonders
Molly Wonders-Hermes-10-Brithday~Feburary 28- Sister of Emmy Wonders
Kaitlyn/Katie Purple-Unclaimed-8-Birthday~April 18
Mellisa/Melly Blanker-Ares-15-Birthday~May 24
Amber Raab-Eir-16-Birthday~July 4
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PostSubject: Re: Mellisa Blanker   Mellisa Blanker EmptyThu Apr 05, 2012 2:20 am

Seems fine to me approved.
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Mellisa Blanker
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