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 A poll on character forms.

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What should we do for character forms?
One topic for all of the forms in one forum.
A poll on character forms. Vote_lcap44%A poll on character forms. Vote_rcap
 44% [ 4 ]
One topic for all of the forms, as well as individually approved forms.
A poll on character forms. Vote_lcap33%A poll on character forms. Vote_rcap
 33% [ 3 ]
Stay the same.
A poll on character forms. Vote_lcap22%A poll on character forms. Vote_rcap
 22% [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 9

Black Cat
Black Cat

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A poll on character forms. Empty
PostSubject: A poll on character forms.   A poll on character forms. EmptyWed Apr 11, 2012 11:03 pm

    Hello, everyone! So, yes, it's time for YET ANOTHER POLL (frowny face). I appologize for all of the polls, but I've been getting ideas and whatnot, and I feel like I should see how everyone responds to them. So, this poll is on how we will approve character forms. There are three options I have for this.

    The first option would be that we remove the approved character forms section all together and just have people put forms up in this one big topic of all of their characters under 'Character Forms' (Unapproved Character forms would be unneeded), and, instead of the topic being locked an moved when a form is approved, it would be left in the same place and a moderator would just post saying, "*character name* has been approved!" or something like that. This would allow members to put several forms up at once without making a ton of topics, and it would save the moderators the few seconds it takes to lock and move a form. As well as this, the form could be edited if there were some powers you wanted to add (after a moderator says they're okay, of course), if their appearance changed, if you realized how horribly written the form was and decided to add more detail, whatever it is, you can edit it.

    The second option would be that we either add a sub forum for people to post their all of their character forms and put a link in their signature. This one would leave the approved character forms section and the unapproved section, but people would be able to have all of their forms in one place to link in their signature in case people wanted more information on a character. You could also edit the form, just like you could with the first option.

    The third option is that everything just stays the same. I don't really think I need to list the features of this, seeing as this is how we've been doing it.

    So, vote and, just possibly, comment with why or why not you think we should do something, your list of pros and cons for it, or why you think one would be more difficult. The poll closes on Monday, so vote before then!

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A poll on character forms.
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