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 And we're back!

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Shan the Otter

Shan the Otter

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And we're back! Empty
PostSubject: And we're back!   And we're back! EmptyTue Jul 24, 2012 9:43 am

OK so the site kinda died a little but hopefully, we can turn this around. Lila, Carrie, Dylan and Kieran should send out an email or something imo to let the members know. Also, I have no idea why I made this topic.

Shan, daughter of Poseidon. 16 years old. See user image. Hydrokinetic, can talk to marine life, walks on water and stays dry when submerged. Twin daggers "Wave" and "Tide."
Piper McLean, daughter of Aphrodite. 16 years old. See below spoiler. Charm speaker, tom-boyish and pretty. Knife Katoptris.
Rebecca "Rebel" Dragovitch, daughter of Somnus. Aged 17 or 18. It's kinda unknown. CIA Opperative. She can make you feel sleepy. Roman demigod in the Fourth Cohort.
Ichabod Emmerson Peveil. 17 years old. Born 124 years ago. Stayed in the Lotus Hotel. Sword and knife (CB). Son of Aphrodite. Can make someone fall in love with him. Can be broken if they are in love with someone else.

Piper McLean:
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And we're back!
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