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 Charrie Charrie Charrie

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Character Name: Destery Violet Worthens
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Description: Destery has jet black hair, reaching her hips. Her hair has a few strands of light brown here and there, but mostly black. Her eyes are a very dark blue that seem to be always staring into space. She's at a healthy weight, but not very strong. She's very nice, sometimes too nice. She always carries a book with her, and if you mess with her books, she will yell mean words. She'll sometimes talk like the characters in a book she's reading, if she's interuppted while reading, and the mood of the characters effects her mood.
God parent: Morpheus
Mortal parent: Mary Worthens
Powers (must have limits): Destery can change dreams 10 times a day for five minutes, it drains her a lot each time, but she recovers quickly from the first three, people can resist, if they try hard enough.
Flaws (At least three): She's very childish, naive, foolish, doesn't belive in wars or fighting, doesn't listen to advice very often.
Pets: None
Weapon (Must be Celestial Bronze or Stygian Iron for Hades and Thanatos): Three foot long CB sword
Talents or skills: Poetry, literature
Roleplay example (at least 4 sentences): Destery looked up from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland as her mother called her name for the fourth time. "YEAH MOM?!" She yelled from her room. "WHAT?!" She yelled again. She sighed and stood up and walked to her mother's room. "Oh, Des, are you ready?" "Ready for what?" "School." "You mean it starts today?" She asked, obviously shocked. "Yeah, remember, you were freaking out because of it." "Oh, yeah... Well yeah, I'm ready I guess." She said and picked up her backpack from her room.
Biography(at least 4 sentences):Destery Violet Worthens was born in London, but grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota. She learned to read when she was four years old, despite her dyslexia. Her mother worked with her so she wouldn't be behind when she started school, so, she was advanced in her class. She never quite grew up; She knew about wars and the corruption in the world, but instead of really paying attention, she went into her little world in her head. Her mom noticed once and took her into therapy. The therapist told her that she was completely fine, just in need of a waking up. Destery refused all help from her mother from that point on, feeling betrayed by her. She felt like she would be just fine a world all her own, just knowing about things happening in reality scared her. She reads all the time because of this. She was at a Borders with her best friend, buying some every flavor beans when her friend turned to her and said that he was a satyr and that they needed to go to camp right away. Destery was interested so she went to camp with him, ignoring all he said about swords and weapons, but paying more attention to bits and pieces about the gods and monsters and magic.
Anything else:

Frank Iero-Kronos-16
Caffeine Climax-Mania-15 3/4
Hikari Sato-Melinoe-12
Rinne Sato-Demeter-16
Kyou-The Sato's cat
Destery Violet Worthens-Morpheus-16
Marianna Naranja Tepucul-Hera-5, but looks twenty.
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Kristy and Matt/15/Hermes (Identical Twins)

We are all equal, except for the man with that big gun.

Click so I can haz dragons!

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Charrie Charrie Charrie
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