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 Eli Harris Son of Set

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Eli Harris Son of Set  Empty
PostSubject: Eli Harris Son of Set    Eli Harris Son of Set  EmptySun Mar 18, 2012 7:18 am

Character Name: Eli Harris

Age: 16

Gender: M

Description: Eli Harris Son of Set 5'9 and usually has a gord of sand on his back.

God parent: Set

Mortal parent: Tanya Harris

Powers (must have limits): Eli has the ability to control sand. He can do this 35 times a day and can use the sand for whatever he want(Sheild, Whip, etc.) This gives him headachs very often and after the limit is up he will immediately pass out. He can make 1 SMALL sandstorm a day. The sandstorm is just big enough to surrond a SINGLE PERSON. And he will immediately pass out from using it. He cannot use his powers unless he is near a large enough sorce of sand, hence the need for the gord on his back.

Flaws (At least three): Humorless, Spiteful, Recluse

Pets: None

Weapon: Cb Dagger

Talents or skills: Sand control, He can play the guitar

Roleplay example (at least 4 sentences): Eli sat in the sand of the beach and stared out at the calm and peaceful state the water was in. He hoped that he would be left alone and so far he was getting his wish because everyone on the beach was purposefully leaveing him alone. He didn't mind cause he had a general idea of what they are thinking. They think he's a freak, a werido, an emo. Whatever it didn't matter to Eli so long as they didn't try to get on his nerve. However some was stupid enough to try. It was just some stupid punk bully trying to get himself noticed. He wasn't doing much just spouting out names and kicking up sand at Eli. But then he went and did the stupid thing. He picked up a rock and nailed Eli with it. Eli reached up and touched where the rock hit him then quickly brought his blood line finger into view. That was the final straw, he wasn't going to kill the kid just scare him. Eli stood up and quickly made the sand grabbed the kid and rise into the air. He let the kid hang upside down for a few minutes to freak out and let everyone take the time to notice. Soon after without even thinking he used the sand to throw the kid off toward the deepest part of the swimming area. After all there was no need to kill some random kid over throwing a rock at a stranger.

Biography(at least 4 sentences): Eli was born in Phoneix, Arizona on December 5th, 1996. His mother hated him and said that he was the reason his dad left. He was picked on in school, called a freak, an emo, and a b******. Eli just moved on ingnoring it. He felt like he should go to the desert but he wasn't sure why. But one day he got his wished. His mom told him that they were going to a little trailer she owned out in the desert. Needless to say they got their just fine, but Eli didn't come back. Tanya being the hateful, whiney, mother she was left Eli in the desert at the trailer. It seems like that was the only thing that was the truth in what she said. Eli survived though. He had the food from the trailer and also, not long after he was left he discovered his powers over sand. This was when he was 13. The next year Eli tried his best to figure out who his father was. Using the resources he had he started going through mythology after mythology until he read about who Set was. He figured that Set was his father but he wasn't so sure. About this time a satyr came nocking at Eli's door and told him that the monsters were coming. And just to prove the point there were the snarls, growls, and roars of a mass of monsters that weren't far away. Eli agreed to leave for CHB and while they were fleeing, the satyr confirmed Eli's thoughts on who his father was by telling him who he was and where the mysterious side of his origins came from. The next year Eli entered the camp and feels like it's not much of a change from where he was living before he was left at that trailer

Anything else:

Nico di Angelo/Hades-14-single
Dylan Chandler/Zeus-16-Dating Shan
Eli Harris/Set-15-Dating Cassie.
John Edan/Hyperion-15-Dating Lilyani
Dylan Whitlock/Lucifer-17-Spy-single
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Eli Harris Son of Set  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Eli Harris Son of Set    Eli Harris Son of Set  EmptySun Mar 18, 2012 8:45 am


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Eli Harris Son of Set
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